CORNELIUS中国是欧洲经销商CORNELIUS GROUP PLC. 在中国成立的特殊化学品采购中心。我们给大型化妆品及个人护理用品、食品和饮料、涂料、油墨、粘合剂和医药产品制造商供应关键性原材料。


任何问题请联系CORNELIUS中国业务经理Bubble Lin

中国,浙江 杭州,拱墅区 美都广场 办公室C-1512 310011


Cornelius China

Cornelius China is the established sourcing office of the European distributor of specialty chemicals Cornelius Group plc. We supply major manufacturers of cosmetic and personal care, food and beverage, coatings, inks, adhesives and pharmaceutical products with their key raw material requirements.

We welcome enquiries from established Chinese producers of special chemical raw materials, who would like to explore the opportunities Cornelius offer to market their products to the UK, Polish, French and other European markets. Like Cornelius, your company must have Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility at the core of the business.

Please address any enquiries to Cornelius China Business Manager, Bubble Lin, at:

Office 322,
New Youth Plaza
GongShu Area
HangZhou, ZheJiang
P.R. China

tel: +86 571 8738 9059

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